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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a state funded school?

In recent years the term state funded has become less obvious to teachers, as eligible state schools refer to themselves as academies, free schools and even sometimes use the term ‘independent’ in their name. If you are unsure about the status of your school, ask a senior member of staff, the finance department or do a Google search of your school to see a summary of the type of school it is.

A non-state school is a private fee charging school in the independent school sector and these schools are not eligible for a grant.

What is the maximum grant available?

There is up to £600 available for the purchase of resources in support of the teaching about Christianity within Religious Education. There is no benefit in applying for less funding than you actually require; we regularly award the full grant amount.

Are Primary Schools able to apply for a grant?

The number of primary school grants available each term is generous, however, demand often heavily outweighs supply. Please refer to the HOME page for primary school availability status before making an application. Do not apply until it is indicated that primary school grants are available, as your application will be disregarded. There is no waiting list or carrying over to the next grant round.

Will I be asked for a report by post or email?

Schools will receive their request for a report by email a year after the grant was approved. You will receive a web-based report form to complete via a link in the report request email. It is imperative that we are notified about changes in email addresses or staffing, as further grants cannot be approved if a report has not been completed. If you have not received a report request after 12 months please check your contact details, check your spam/junk/bin folders and contact us immediately. 

Can grant managers or non-teaching staff apply on behalf of a school?

If you are a grant manager or person other than a teacher, you may apply for a grant for a school but the name and email address of the teacher who will be writing the 12-month report must be included in the main body of the application.

My school received an RE Grant from The Jerusalem Trust in the past.  When can it apply again?

You can apply for this grant if your school has not received a Jerusalem Trust RE Grant in the last two years. The school must have submitted the 12 month report for the initial grant before further grant allocation can be considered.

Why do you ask for the ISBN-13 in the RE Grant application form?

Every resource listed in your application will be checked thoroughly for content which fits the RE Grant criteria required by the Trustees. If we are unable to establish the nature and content of particular resources, they will be rejected. All books have an ISBN-13 to identify them. Other resources have individual codes provided by the publisher or supplier. Please indicate which website the resource may be viewed on if you use a catalogue number.

Is my school guaranteed to receive a grant if my application fits the criteria?

We try hard to award grants to as many qualifying state schools as possible. However, grant availability is not unlimited, particularly at busy times, so nothing is guaranteed and there could be a considerable delay between application and a decision. We will let you know if this is longer than 60 days from application submission. Please also read the note about primary school applications.

My school has started a new term but the home page notification has not changed. What should I do?

Term times vary widely across the country. We aim to change home page availability notifications once most schools in England and Wales have reopened. Primary schools should not apply until the notification changes to available. Please see the question around primary school grants.

I may not be at the same school in a year’s time.  What should I do?

Although the agreement to provide a report on how the RE Grant has improved the teaching of RE in your school is the responsibility of the school, it is your responsibility to ensure this is possible. Please ensure that any evidence you have accumulated before leaving your job remains in the RE Department and available to staff in order to fulfil the terms of the grant.

It is imperative that we are notified about changes in email addresses or staffing, as further grants cannot be approved if a report has not been completed.

I have submitted an application form and had on-screen submission confirmation but I haven’t heard back from you.

If you applied less than 60 days ago, please be patient as we are processing a large volume of applications. We do notify all applicants if they have been successful or not within 60 days. If more than 60 days have passed please check your spam/junk folder and quarantine. Grants cannot be held indefinitely and you may lose out if you have not accepted our offer promptly. Please contact us if the notification email still cannot be found as you may have typed your email address incorrectly into the form or the school’s spam/quarantine filter is blocking or quarantining our automated messages.

Please ensure that ‘‘ and our email sender ‘‘ formerly ‘‘ are marked as not spam and are not blocked. Contact your school technician or email provider to retrieve quarantined messages and whitelist our details. 

If you have any further query please use the contact page or email